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ZILGREI® Respiro Dynamics


Other Therapies

Adjuvant of traditional medical therapies

sacral joints (between the sacrum and the Ileo) Doctors, orthopedists, but also dentists know that it is difficult to achieve a correct arrangement of the spinal column or of the mandibular joints if the pelvis is not in equilibrium. 90% of right-handed people suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system have a misaligned pelvis that manifests itself in the so-called "apparently shorter leg". This is the answer to those who have wondered why the hem of the trousers or skirt is longer from one side to the other: the pelvis is inclined. This structural imbalance has negative repercussions not only on the ileo (emi basins) but on all the joints of the body, from the feet up to the head and also on the temporomandibular joints. A rise in the shoe from the part of the leg apparently shorter instead of improving the situation makes it worse because it is not the leg that is really shorter but the pelvis is not in axis, and the difference in leg length is simply the indicator.

The specific ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics self therapies are able to rebalance the pelvis with the consequent relaxation of the musculature from the feet up to the head. The effectiveness was reflected in the experimental degree thesis in Biomedical Engineering, by Dr. Laura Margheri, "Biomechanics of the correction of the leg syndrome apparently shorter with the Zilgrei Self therapy Method" obtained at the University of Pisa.

, it is unthinkable to face the problems of the musculoskeletal system, regardless of whether they are in the spine or in other joints, without also involving the pelvis. It would be like treating only the symptoms but not the causes. According to the ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics approach



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