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Why is ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dynamics effective?


According to statistics, at least 80% of people in the West suffer from back pain throughout their lives. The cause of their disorders lies in the factors that unite them: they are the right-handed majority for which they use the body unilaterally, lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not care for a proper posture, to move too often use the wheels instead of legs, they are subject to continuous psychic and physical stress. The result is muscular tensions and imbalances that over time lead to pains, blocked or painful movements, disorders of the spine and joints, neuro-vegetative and psychosomatic problems.

The authors of ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics have discovered that right-handed people show more or less typical symptoms in the form of structural and muscular alterations and asymmetries, as well as typical painful syndromes of the musculoskeletal system. This has allowed them to develop techniques that, on the one hand, counteract the causes, on the other, they eliminate the wearing effects. ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamicsauto-therapies eliminate muscle imbalances, dissolve contractures, restore structural balance, with beneficial outcomes for the whole body.

Left-handed people are less prone to disturbances of the musculoskeletal system because, living in a world conceived for right-handedness, they are obliged to use both sides of the body in a more balanced manner.

Why is ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dynamics different?


ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics is a form of self-help that requires neither a therapist nor a particular way of thinking, but only correct execution. The exceptional nature of the method lies in the way in which completely physiological elements and techniques are combined. In fact, it is the harmonious synergy between muscular, respiratory, neurological and arteriovenous mechanisms of action, which undoubtedly underlies the often surprising beneficial effects.

Furthermore, what distinguishes the ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics is that the procedures are completely individualized. In fact, the simple self-examination that precedes every self-therapy shows the current state of the person and consequently indicates the most suitable exercise. So it is not the method or the therapist to dictate what to do, but the state of the person himself.

On the importance of self-examination, says dr. Greissing: "What the person's body and soul say is always correct, it is enough to listen to them, understand them and respond appropriately."

Then there is the painless aspect because you never perform the exercises in a direction of movement or in a painful or annoying position but only in those without symptoms. For the most part, positions are assumed or movements that are completely normal, physiological and not forced are performed.

ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics does not require any special attire, equipment or exercise areas, but can be performed anywhere, at any time, by any person able to move and breathe.

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