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Adriana Zillo & Dr. Hans Greissing

What is

ZILGREI® Respiro Dynamics



"The Zilgrei Method takes its name from the chiropractor H. Greissing (born in 1925) who conceived it together with one of his patients named Adriana Zillo. Basically, it consists of a self-treatment based on breathing and posture, inspired by some elements of chiropractics, respiratory therapy, and yoga. To the Zilgrei Method,belong, for example, the principle of the so-called "opposite direction", based on which the self-examination establishes in which direction of movement pain or disorder appear, so to be able to perform self-treatment in the required direction or opposite position. In addition, the method provides a so-called "dynamogenic breathing, which is able to promote energy recharge, directly derived from the diaphragmatic breathing of Yoga. The method is indicated for the treatment of pain, orthopedic pathologies, and psychosomatic addictions, while it is contraindicated in the presence of motor disabilities or situations in which abdominal breathing may present a problem for the subject. Nowadays the Zilgrei Method is a scientifically and clinically proven Method which is a more and more recognized and appreciated treatment "



"My forty-year experience as a doctor in chiropractic taught me that it was not me, the therapist, that I did the healing of my patients, but that it was the result of the concomitance of various factors. In particular, it is essential that the therapist creates the conditions for self-healing of the organism at the right time and with the most appropriate treatment. The more a therapy is in harmony with the physiological laws and the more actively the patient participates in his own healing process, the greater his chances of the complete restoration of his health.

We started in 1978 with the development of the Zilgrei Method in order to offer those who suffer a natural, effective, economical and free of harmful side effects with which they could help themselves to counter the pains of the locomotor system. We were inspired by the belief that if we want to heal both ourselves and our public health system, we must learn to solve the problems we face without the help of third parties.

Until national health systems can bear the huge costs without promoting and supporting people's initiatives to help themselves and protect their health through natural and effective measures? "


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