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ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics


Sports performance enhancement


Even athletes have muscular imbalances, determined not only by the predominant right-handed or left-handed side of work, but also because of the practice of unilateral disciplines, such as tennis, golf, water skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding to name a few or through sports like athletics where one side of the body is stressed and exploited more than the other.

The sportsman who practices 10 min of Zilgrei® self-therapies before the start of the sporting activity, requires very short heating times, improves coordination, obtains better performance and is less prone to injury. Even at the end of training or sporting activity, Zilgrei® is very indicated for better muscle relaxation and the improvement of the cellular exchange process, thanks to the increased intake of oxygen and substances entering and leaving the fibers.

Through the application of the Zilgrei® Respiro-Dynamics self-therapies during the injury recovery process, reduces the recovery time considerably.

A relaxed and balanced musculature is equivalent to an efficient and performing musculature!


Tough, tense, unbalanced and sore muscles are weak muscles!

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