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ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics

 for pregnancy and active birth


The fundamental elements of ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dinamica movements are the use of targeted positions determined according to the specific conditions of the pregnant woman, which are deduced from simple but conclusive tests of movement; coordination of movements with dynamogenic breathing. These tools allow the mother with the help of her father to give birth to her child in an active and natural way. ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dinamica self-therapies are used initially in pregnancy to eliminate back pain and sciatica and to restore the structural balance of the pregnant body, especially eliminating the misalignments of the pelvis present in almost all people. , so as to reach the birth in optimal conditions. Later in the birth during labor.


 Midwives working with ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dinamica in     childbirth support   confirm:

- a noticeable decrease in pain and complications during                     pregnancy
- the  reduced duration of birth;
- the reduction and elimination of pains and disturbances from         pregnancy;

   reduction of the pain during labor due to the dynamogenic             breathing;
- the most rewarding childbirth experience for both parents due to the active     involvement of both parents;
- objectively measurable positive effects on the newborn;
- induced labor and birth with significantly reduced drugs;
- less and less frequent complications and cesarean birth



Women who have been trained with ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dinamica and who during the birth enjoy the assistance of a midwife with training in the method, obtain the best results. Even when they are left to themselves in the delivery room they do better than average.

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