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ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics


The self-therapy that really works!

"Life is movement and movement is Life"


Become a Zilgrei R-D Instructor

Basic training


The basic training to become a ZILGREI®Respiro-Dinamics instructor or instructor

The ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dinamics training course, with the authorization of Zilgrei International Association based in Switzerland, leads to the certified ZILGREI® Respiro-Dinamics 1 ° Degree Instructor who allows you to work professionally with the Method ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dynamics.

The basic training is structured in modular form and ends with a written and oral examination and the drafting of a term paper.

The field of action of the ZILGREI®-Respiro-Dinamics instructors is everywhere where health care, prophylaxis, rehabilitation and in general the improvement of physical condition and performance are required, namely: health, wellbeing and rehabilitative care; physiotherapy, massage therapists, complementary medicine, naturopathy, dentists, gyms, schools for children and adults, in centers for the elderly; in structures specialized in respiratory and locomotor care; in all sports and gymnastic environments; in courses for preparing for active and natural birth.

Learn More
  • if you suffer from low back pain, sciatica, neck pain and generally joint and muscle aches and are looking for an effective and natural way to resolve these disorders permanently


  • if you can't take pain medications

  • if you have already tried everything to get rid of your problems but without success      

  • if you want a fulfilling occupation helping others to help themselves                                 

  • if you are curious to know what ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics is and how it works


ZILGREI® Respiro-Dynamics is the right solution for you. 

    Try it right now self-therapy SWAN

     or read a Zilgrei Book

     or register to attend a Zilgrei Respiro Dynamics Course

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